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Nonprofit Payment Processing

Making a positive impact is at the core of your business. It’s also at the foundation of Payline’s. Let us help you change the world.

We appreciate what you do. As a thank you, we offer discounted rates starting at Interchange + 0.10%. Talk to an expert to learn more.

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PayPal Discount

Nonprofits and Donations

PayPal nonprofit business accounts pay a standard rate per domestic payment. Visit our fees page for more information.

Qualified organizations can receive a discounted rate. Get started at

For your organization to qualify, PayPal must confirm your charity or nonprofit status. Please review the get started guide to see what information you’ll need to supply.

You can apply by editing your business information in your Account Settings page to ‘Non-profit’ as the ‘Business type’.

After you’ve completed the above steps, contact us back. We’ll review your application and notify you of the outcome.

Discounted charity pricing only applies to your account after you receive an email from PayPal confirming your charity status.