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Get started with Box The Content Cloud for nonprofits

Three simple steps to get started with Box

We want to get you set up as quickly as possible so you can get on with delivering your mission and generating support for your organization. With donated or discounted access, you get a single place to collaborate, manage and secure all your content and simplify your processes. By integrating seamlessly with the apps you already use, it couldn’t be easier to work with Box.

Review the eligibility criteria

Nonprofit organizations are eligible for discounted Box products if the organization has a recognized legal status in their respective country equal to 501(c)(3) status under the United States Internal Revenue Code, with certain exceptions listed below in the FAQ. In addition, organizations must be verified by TechSoup Global Network or the local TechSoup partner via a Validation Token.

Collect your TechSoup Global Network Validation Token

To acquire your TechSoup Validation Token please register (for free) via this page (process may take 2-5 business days), after validation review, you will have access to your TechSoup Validation Token. You are now ready to return to the ‘Get Started’ page and select a Box plan.

Get started with the right plan for your organization

See the features and comparison chart below to choose the best plan for your organization. Choose from our 5 offering options: Starter, Business, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. All Box plans are at minimum 50% discount for eligible nonprofit organizations.